Thursday, July 05, 2007
I guess this blog is officially closed? Don't know, don't have the access time to maintain this blog, hehe, so I guess I'll just integrate it into my main blog: Vagabond's Caravan, visit me there! =) I'll try to migrate the posts and comments here to that blog tho, =)
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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Project : Action man! =)
So yea, when I study, I always hook up on my camera, haha. =) And here's my latest project, Action Man! =) Saw it in the display cupboard the other day, and just realize that I still have a non-barbie action figure to take photos with! =) Took it out, set up my mini-studio(study table + table lamp) and start taking photos!

Despite the fact that I am a guy, my barbies(I have three of 'em, incase you're new in ISPB) shots are among my best, and most popular in my flickr a/c.

And now, finally, I can get something not so feminine, haha, an action figure! =) But I still like to take photos of my barbie more. Man, this action man figure won't turn his head! But can pose tho, unlike barbie, is slightly flexible but no joint, dang!

I love the forth shot, featuring a semi-auto, but I am not sure what's the model of that gun, could be an mp5, but different mod. Whatever. Third shot is an AUG, nice rifle, lol.

So yea, in first, second and last shot, I try to erm, make the lighting in that way, intentionally. Trying to let his face become partly visible, partly shadowed. Erm, just to create the 'feeling' lol. You know, when you watch those 007 or assasin movies? Those killers always let ppl see their face a bit, but can't see clearly, lol.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Project : Macro During Bio Revision
My macro shot's inspiration always come when I am study, haha. Because that's the only time my surrounding is very very quiet, and the atmosphere is great. And I'll start looking into the details of things around me, miss macro shots! =)

For those who don't know, macro shots mean very clear and maginified shots, for eg. a shot of an ant.

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Front and back view of my new jersey, the Myth! =) It's very nice, more than what I expected, haha. Love it! =)

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Shopping Frenzy 2
As I mentioned before here, I went to Miri for some shopping frenzy again. =) Bought these cool and unique stuffs, love 'em! =) Gorgeoustuffs rock! =)

The clocks(the green one looks like Mr.P!) are cool and cheap! =) Just RM10++. =) Was thinking of getting a few as gifts, but it's cheap(I mean the quality).

I love that photoframe! =) The three panels(biggest one is 4R size, the other two smaller one not sure) can be arrange in anyway you want. =) It's cool,yay! =)

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Yay! Picasa finally works on Blogger BETA huh? So, no more inactivity people! Sorry that I didn't blog much recently, lazy wa! =)

Here's some ugly doodling from me, did it during tuition, hohoho! =)

By the way people, I enlarge the photos I am posting, hope it won't takes too long for it to load on Brunet, haha. =)

P.S: The big size photos aren't nicely displayed here, so decided to change back to smaller size. This post will be left as a big size one tho. =)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Project : Puppy Puppy!~
My puppy's(she's an adult dog, but still so small! So should I call her puppy or dog?) puppies grew up already, and they're so active now! Love to play and keeps on crying when I neglected them, lol! =)

I took some photo on one of them, and he/she is so cute! =)


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The last section of my Granny's 79th B'day trilogy, haha. =)

It's the family portrait section now. =)

Lazy to explain and give caption! =) Enjoy! =)

P.S: i was very orange again! =)

P.S: From these collection of photos, i can see the need for me to get an external flash. These photos were taken around 3-5m away, and the flash can barely light up the whole image. An eternal flash(cheap 1) cost me B$60... hmmmm... @_@


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Well, I went to Miri to celebrate my granny's 79th b'day with A LOT of relatives, it's fun but I have to go home earlier to study my POA. Dang. Too bad. Anyway, I am very happy because I got a lot of shots on kids again! =)

I am lazy to type much description because I already spent quite some time organizing these photos, haha.

All the kids featured in this post are sons and daughters of my cousins, in other words, these are my nephews! They're cute! =)

Tell me which one you like yea? =) I love the first, second, seventh and ninth, how about you? =)

P.S: I am exposing my Picasa Web Album again! Haha.

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Here's some erm, silhouettes shots I took when I was on my way to Miri last Saturday. My first attempt in composing sillhoute shots! =) For those who don't know, silhouettes means erm, shadow-like thing?

And when you take photo facing the sun(eg. taking pic of a tree, the sun /light source is behind the tree, then the tree will appear in black/shadow-like, because the background is bright), the subjects(in this case tree) will be dark/black. =)

It was a great day as the sunset started at around 4pm. =)

I am so in love with my third shot! =)

And the forth shot is a parallel shot of the bridge to Miri. =) (unrelated to the project tho)

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